Welcome to the Remote Sensing Training website!

The remote sensing training website is part of the activities within the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Wuerzburg. This website aims to provide regular updates on our activities:

  • regular courses within our official university study program curriculum within a 2 year MSc (regular courses)
  • irregular trainings  aiming at different levels of expertise (irregular courses)
    • training in Germany for foreign students (MSc., PhD) and
    • training in overseas for foreign students (MSc., PhD)
    • in West Africa, East Africa, Europe, Central Asia, South-East Asia etc.
  • Summer or Science Schools outside of any study program (Summer Schools)

The Remote Sensing training activities provide theoretical as well as practical teaching on applied remote sensing. Our activities are globally distributed and either based in Germany or in the respective countries. All trainings and courses are focusing on applied remote sensing activities within the topics land use/cover, agriculture, urban mapping, forestry, biodiversity and conservation.

Software we use are proprietary as well as OpenSource such as:

  • ENVI and IDL
  • ERDAS imagine
  • eCognition
  • R
  • QGIS
  • ArcGIS
  • and further packages e.g. MRT, TimeSat, gdal, …

Recently our team for international training on applied remote sensing consists of staff from the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Wuerzburg:

Martin Wegmann is working on applied remote sensing for biodiversity and remote sensing. He is focused on using OpenSource software only in his trainings and uses R, GRASS and QGIS for roughly more than 10 years. However trainings in ENVI or ArcGIS are offered as well to provide a good coverage of all available packages.

Fabian Löw – His thematic focus is on agricultural production monitoring (land use, agricultural production) and assesment of land degradation in Central Asia. Technically he is specialized in image analysis using R, ENVI/IDL, eCognition, and ArcGIS. Current studies focus on developing methods for land use classification classification and agricultural production monitoring.

Michael Thiel – His thematic focus is on the analysis of Urban/Settlement areas as well as agriculture in different regions in Africa. Technically he is a specialist in image analysis with eCognition (object based), ENVI/IDL, ArcGIS and developes his skills in R, QGIS and IDRISI.


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