The remote sensing course in the Global Change Ecology MSc program started again with the new students. It is again very interesting how spatial data, spectral information and its corresponding techniques are perceived. Highly challenging to teach remote sensing and GIS to our new MSc students but also lots of fun to see how the grasp the layer concept, different spectral bands and of course how to achieve it in R and QGIS. For many students it is the first time working with R or any coding environment but I am sure they will love it after the semester – as many other students from the last years. Looking forward to work with the students using our new RStoolbox R package. It will make classifications, change detection, accuracy assessment and preprocessing much easier, but of course I will provide them with the actual code details as well, so that they will be able to understand the underlying approaches. And most of it will also be covered in our book “Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists – using Open Source software“.

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