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BikAIR: Collecting spatial and temporal high-resolution data for modelling.

Our Vision

Earth from above – a passion shared by all in the field of remote sensing. However, for the use of satellite data to solve the challenges of the 21st century, in-situ data is often required to build models or to identify and forecast developments.
Nevertheless, it is often difficult to obtain these data. Especially in cities we could find out that, for example, environmental parameters are not collected across the board. Based on this we had the following idea:

Low cost sensors, which can be mounted stationary, but also on mobile objects such as bicycles, prams or simply on a backpack. This allows environmental parameters to be recorded with a very high spatial and temporal resolution.

Based on these data, spatial and temporal models can be established. The collected data will be merged with satellite data and other spatial data in order to enable a comprehensive forecast and modelling of environmental parameters. The results may be of greater importance for the development of the city, but also for each individual citizen.

First Results

About Us


We are a group of students from the Master “Applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis” and have consolidated with the aim to collect insitu data in the urban enviroment. With our different interests, knowledge and experience we can all contribute to the project in many ways.