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How we came up with this idea?

We are all studing Earth Observation and Geoanalyis M.Sc. at the University of W├╝rzburg and came up with the idea that we want to take action for our surroundings. Somehow typical Remote Sensing Scientist – as we are interested┬á in all types of enviroment. As the number of urban citiziens is steadly increasing and all of us are exposed to enviromental pollution. Our idea was born:

Develop a tool to empower people to get a deeper knowledge of there surroundings, because our senses cann’t discern many harmful parameters like air pollution and noise.

Work in Progress

Right now we are working hard to develop a low cost sensor with fit the needs to describe the enviromental pollutiations of the city. Therefor first of all reliable values are a very important aspect – so in the next weeks we can start to collect data and validate it. Beside the measurement we are already working on different models and algorithm.

First Results

Data Visualization is a main point –

Our first Results