The course “Remote Sensing and Biodiversity analysis” is currently taking place in the Bavarian Forest Nationalpark with lectures on botany, various remote sensing field methods, analysing LiDAR and hyperspectral remote sensing data and R coding. We already covered the botany and history of the Nationalpark and some first field data collection methods such as GPS handling, map interpretation, LCCS field data sampling etc.. In the next days we will cover spectrometer, field-data sampling design, LAI and other methods. Besides all the field work and hiking, all students are working constantly on their projects using R and QGIS in order to finish by Wednesday and being able to present it to the whole group before heading again into the Nationalpark for staying one night on top of the mountain, in the Lusenschutzhaus.


It is fun seeing all students being very motivated and eager to develop their project ideas and spending hours coding together and discussing their approaches or R error messages. They are already very confident in working with spatial data and R but increase their skills even more during this course.

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